What Our Clients Say About Us

We are a company built on exceptional service – it’s the foundation of our culture and values.  We asked our clients what they think about Elevate, and here’s what they said.

Elevate has a great communication style and great follow-up. Elevate is the level of quality partner that I needed. They’re all about business. It’s all about clients being happy. It’s over the top – they are really good at it. I really appreciate you guys.”

-Senior Program Manager

Elevate does a good job of keeping the customer happy. They are always reaching out to see what our needs are and to see if we have anyone who has any issues or needs. If they need to address something, they do it quickly. It feels like more than a business relationship. These things go a long way.

-PMO Manager

I have over 30 contracts and out of all the subcontractors we deal with and there are over 200 of them, I have only one trusted partner, and that’s Elevate.

They really make the effort to get us what we need. They understand my mission and the types of people we need. They talk my language. They know the managers.  And they understand the constraints I operate under.

-Operations Director

Elevate is a big team builder. When it comes to (one of the Elevate consultants), you can raise a trophy for leading the league in rushing.

-Senior Program Manager

They understand my business and they are part of my team. We want you at the table and we value your input on how to address the real-life issues.

I like the synergy between the quality and their rates, which are competitive.

I would give the biggest accolade that I can give any vendor.

-Operations Director

Several senior managers feel that Elevate is good to have on their team as a partner.

I’m happy to recommend Elevate. It’s because of the level of personal relationship and communication. I am comfortable with them. I am confident in them. I see a strong future for them.

-Senior Project Manager

 “I would absolutely recommend Elevate. The level of customer service, the constant interaction and the quick turnaround are the main reasons. The quality is absolutely there too. Elevate is not just an agency. They have a stable of people on hand. They can provide surge support to us when we have urgent needs.

-PMO Manager

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