What Our Consultants Say About Us

We provide exceptional service and support to our consultants.  We asked our consultants how they feel about Elevate, and this is what they told us.

“As far as recommending Elevate, is there a word for being the most willing a person can be?”

-Project Manager

“I worked on a powerful, transformational project with stellar technologists. In the initial onboarding, I felt like part of the team immediately. I felt like I worked for Elevate from the very beginning. I had such a good onboarding experience and then a good work experience. As far as I’m concerned, Elevate people are great – the best of the best.

-Senior Program Manager

“Elevate people are straight shooters. I like straightforward people and Elevate is straightforward. There is no double talk and so there’s no misinterpretation. That’s important to me.

“One big thing about Elevate is that they always give the impression they care about you. Elevate is completely people-centric.”

-Senior Citrix Administrator/Tech Writer/Proposal Writer

“Absolutely I recommend Elevate. Our business arrangements were expeditious – 10 days later I was on board – I didn’t miss a beat. Elevate gets it. They’re very professional and fun. Fun makes you more successful. From the very beginning, working with Elevate, we clicked.”

-Program Manager

 “Elevate is doing a pretty substantial job for the agencies. They provide the talent that the agencies are expecting – they definitely provide stand-up individuals. They understand requirements in depth so they do an excellent job of getting the right talent to the right position. They do their homework on resources and they provide excellent resources.  When you bring in that kind of talent to work on programs, you are really giving the agencies an insurance policy on success.“

‘It’s all about relationships. One of the big takeaways is that with Elevate, it’s a no-nonsense type of business. You don’t see the stuff that you see with people in big companies. Elevate people are forthright and forthcoming. I really respect the fact that they allow individuals to manage their day-to-day activities and expect you to deliver and communicate back to them periodically. They touch your pulse often and of course you can reach them if you need them.”

-Senior Program Manager

“Elevate is very helpful and creates a great work environment. You are supportive of both the boss and the team. You let me do my thing. I’m not micro-managed.

‘Elevate people are very happy and polite. They are encouraging.”

-Senior Citrix Administrator/Tech Writer/Proposal Writer

“Elevate is well engaged in the client’s needs. They paired the right person to the right problem. They understood whom they were delivering to.”

“I have a really good relationship with Elevate.  We had weekly conversations about what’s going on. I don’t normally talk to people who put me in a job. Elevate has its eyes on the ground from the account management perspective. We both saw opportunities to go to the client with proposals. It’s like having an inside man. You’re letting the resource know that he is a trusted asset. “

-Project Manager

“I really enjoyed it. I got a business relationship and a personal relationship from working with Elevate. It’s the best of both worlds.”

“The idea is that Elevate is always thinking in terms of what’s mutually beneficial to us both. You are not traditional; nothing is off the table. Pretty much the relationship didn’t feel like an employee-employer relationship. It felt like a partnership. It was entrepreneurial in spirit on both sides. We always looked to provide proactive solutions to the client when the client is open to hearing them.”

-Project Manager

“Elevate was great to work with – I was sorry to leave.  People on the contract were great to work with too. Everyone I’ve met is knowledgeable; they are hard-working people. SME-wise, there’s a certain degree of difficulty, and it’s nice to work with people who can grasp that and both address it and appreciate it. I really liked working with Elevate. “

-Senior Telecommunications Analyst

“Elevate treats me with respect. They let me focus on being able to succeed in my job. Their focus is on making me successful, not micro-managing me. They support me and they support the client. The integrity I feel makes me feel comfortable. They helped me in other ways too. Once I called them for help for a silly error, and no one laughed at me.  I didn’t have to jump through any hoops. They just helped me out.”

“I’m very pleased with Elevate. They get to know their customers’ needs, and their people’s needs, and the environment. Elevate really cares, and they know that if I’m a good fit, the job will get done. They are conscientious. This job is fun and a good fit and I’m really happy with Elevate.”

-Senior Computer/Workflow Analyst/Help Desk Supervisor

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