Prepare to Win

Every runner knows that the race starts before the starting gun is fired. If you prepare well for the race, you’ll get the edge. The same applies to a job interview.

If you are chosen for an interview, you will encounter several deciders and influencers for the first time.  Spend the time and effort to make those critical first impressions positive.

Be prepared. Prove you cared enough to do some homework. Find out about their current situation so you can discuss your strengths and fit in a way they can relate to. You can easily use online research and social media to learn facts about the company and the people you will interview with. You should do that research, but remember, so can everyone else.

That’s where we come in to help you stand out.

Use your Elevate team to strategize. Your online research will give you facts about the company and people you will interview with, but Elevate gives you information about their concerns and priorities.  People have different ideas about what a good candidate would be, and we uncover those things so you can demonstrate how you are on point.  We have strong relationships with our clients that produce insights you can leverage when you interview.

Everything is part of the interview. Every interaction with the people who will hire, evaluate and work with you should demonstrate your preparation, delivery and follow-through. Your availability for the interview, your timeliness, your tone, and especially your ability to discuss what matters to them, all contribute to how you are evaluated. Use every interaction with the people who will hire, evaluate and work with you to demonstrate your preparation, strengths and fit.

Enthusiasm counts. If you are prepared, you will enjoy the interview process. If you enjoy the interview, you will present yourself with confidence and enthusiasm for the work. When you genuinely enjoy talking about the work, your work style, and the opportunities to tackle the things that matter to the interviewers, you not only sound enthusiastic, you will create enthusiasm in them.


  • Come to the interview prepared,
  • Speak with confidence,
  • Talk about what really matters – the work and the problems they need to solve,
  • Show your enthusiasm

And win.