Workforce Solutions


Connecting talent programs to business decisions

Our solutions drive the acquisition of contingent and permanent talent, and manage your contingent and project workforce.

PwC’s most recent Annual Global CEO Survey revealed that over 70% of CEOs identified the “availability of key skills” as one of the top three threats to their companies — an eight-year high for that question. Across the board, we close the skills gap.

Our solutions include:

Professional Staffing

Managed Service Provider – MSP

Payrolling Services

AccElevate™ Apprentice Program

Professional Staffing

We are a leader in sourcing and placing IT professionals. We excel at hiring top talent into revenue impact/mission critical jobs.

We work with you to identify the roles that are critical to the continuity of your specific area of the business, and how those roles will support the larger business priorities. We match your exacting role specifications to perfectly suited professionals. We measure how our people affect the success of your goals and help you identify super-keepers.

Managed Service Provider – MSP

Reduced costs. Efficiency. Better workforce quality. Greater regulatory compliance. These are table stakes for an MSP. We go beyond industry MSP operations and measure what matters to the business – how the contingent and project workforce affects strategic goals like increasing revenue, productivity, or innovation. We can drive improvement in these areas by strategically managing your contingent workforce.

Payrolling Services

We provide exceptional service to organizations of all sizes. Each organization has particular requirements and diverse needs for the talent that they identify and want us to engage. Our experienced team of operations and compliance professionals deliver programs that create a complete solution and personal service for the talent.

AccElevate™ Apprentice Program

When your resourcing needs call for hiring more junior employees with a focus on developing skills, we offer our apprentice program, AccElevate. AccElevate leverages the technical skills of new and student talent in many of our projects.

We provide mentorship and a deliver a cost-effective, motivated and innovated workforce with exposure to new technologies and procedures. When the project ends, AccElevate is designed to retain highly qualified new talent to join our team or yours.

AccElevate provides apprentices with hands-on experience and mentorship.  We give them the opportunity to work alongside seasoned professionals.  This develops the ability of new talent to collaborate, innovate and maintain solid technical acumen.

AccElevate is an impactful solution to building a talent pipeline.

Get the Diverse Perspectives You Need

In our projects, AccElevate can augment your workforce and bring diversity of perspectives of all kinds, including various educational backgrounds, disciplines, and race.  Just as important, we focus on the overwhelming gender gap in many technical disciplines that seems only to be getting worse.  For example, in cybersecurity, women account for anywhere from 8-11% of the workforce.  In a tight talent market, we “fish in the whole sea” of potential apprentices, because diversity of all kinds drives innovation.

For Today’s College and Vocational Students

There are new jobs emerging that did not even exist a decade ago.  According to Career Builder, about 50% of employers say they have job vacancies, but for highly skilled jobs, such as data scientists, there are more and more job openings and even fewer qualified candidates.  The demand for people with key knowledge and professional skills will keep rising, as jobs grow more sophisticated.

Almost half of recent college graduates, ages 22 to 27, are underemployed today.  This reality makes it difficult for today’s students to even step on the career ladder – much less ascend it – which means we need to create multiple pathways to do so.

AccElevate is for people that are in college or vocational programs, or recent graduates, and want to get career-focused experience that will help them land their first good job, advance in their career, or break into a new field.  It is not a co-op program or internship. It is a real job working with experienced professionals.