Assurance, protection & response

Our notions of cybersecurity must adapt to new attack vectors. Attacks are complex and multi-step. If you want resilient network security today, you must be able to detect attacks in progress and to respond quickly and effectively enough to restore security.

Traditional computer security was concerned with vulnerabilities like malware. Fixing vulnerabilities is still vital for security, but strong authentication and robust incident response are also critical. If you skimp on these you will be unable to keep your networks secure.

If you need to strengthen your authentication systems or invest in breach detection and – most importantly – incident response, we can help.

Elevate provides risk and vulnerability management, cybersecurity policy, assessment and authorization and Fed RAMP advisory services. Elevate’s security architects, computer scientists and software, hardware and electrical engineers share a common purpose to help solve some of the hardest technical problems relevant to national security.

Our Capabilities Include

  • Network & security operations
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Security assessments
  • Compliance support
  • Cybersecurity strategy & advisory services
  • Analytics & application development
  • Cybersecurity capability implementation & operations
  • Cybersecurity risk assessments
  • Cybersecurity risk mitigation
  • Tabletop exercise & scenario gameplay

Examples of Our Work

Federated Identity and Access Management:

Our engineers are experts at delivering global security federated identity management and access control. With deep experience in the integration and engineering of information systems, we provide infrastructure and policy design to mitigate risk and protect sensitive information.

Outreach and Training:

Your end users need to understand new security processes and the importance of following them. We give you the background and knowledge needed to maintain the new components and infrastructure training where appropriate. We will train the trainer if additional training and resources are required.

Public Key Infrastructure:

Elevate’s PKI services include digital signing, encryption, non-repudiation, and smart card authentication. We design your PKI environment to integrate personal mobile devices with your wireless authentication /VPN infrastructure. We implement certificate authorities used globally by the U.S. Government to issue and manage security credentials and public keys.

Mobile Device Management and Encryption Solutions:

When your users need to access your data and email remotely, we help you secure and manage mobile devices so that they can participate in your organization safely, including encryption solutions to prevent unauthorized data access. We use single sign on and smart-card- based authentication to mobile device protection.

Federal Compliance:

FISMA mandates that all federal agencies implement NIST procedures. We will help you assess and categorize the security of your systems. We engage with your stakeholders to build compliance without hampering your ability to achieve your goals.

Program Management:

Elevate has deep program and project management experience in government-wide identity management programs. From identifying client requirements to best-fit solution designs to training, we work with you to create the best timeline, reduce cost, and keep it all on track.

Two-Factor Authentication:

We design and deploy two-factor authentication systems, including cloud-based solutions. We help you secure remote access and reduce the impact of attacks designed to steal end-user credentials.

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