Data & Analytics

The road to business innovation

Data science is all about having the data you need. However, the volume, variety and velocity of data are skyrocketing. Much still stands in the way of converting massive amounts of data into insights that you can use to drive your decisions. Your infrastructure may be able to store and process massive amounts of data. However, big data can simply become too big, too fast or too hard to process, analyze and convert into insights. If you want to take full advantage of your data, we can help.

Elevate develops and implements advanced analytics solutions. The key to success is not any one technology, model or practice. Elevate is well versed on a variety of tools, perspectives and approaches so we can identify which methods and models are most appropriate for you. We excel at program management/PMO, defining requirements, managing SLAs, and identifying risk, while delivering user-friendly solutions.

Capabilities and Expertise

  • Cyber analytics
  • Data analytics & visualization
  • Research & development; prototyping
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Big data management
  • Tailored data warehousing
  • Data summarization, data mining
  • Text analytics
  • Automated semantic analysis / natural language processing
  • Analytics for decision support – leaning toward predictive
  • Elimination of redundant data
  • Tailored solutions that leverage technology stacks across COTS
  • System design and coding for processing large data sets
  • Identify trends & emerging threats

Spotlight on Fusion Centers

Government agencies and Defense departments are unique, but they share similar problem sets. Governance, public confidence, complex processes and big data from many input sources top the list.

If your needs are based on a CONOPS, ITIL Framework, and/or C5ISR we will build a fusion center that:

  • Integrates varied-source data streams (e.g., cloud enhanced, UAV, space collected)
  • Provides analytics for intrusions disruptions and compliance issues via a customized tool set
  • Identifies threats
  • Enables rapid decision-making
  • Supports responsive & effective resource allocation

We will design your fusion center to support your data strategy and your security strategy. We leverage new technologies and anticipate policy challenges. It will streamline current operations, and influence key decisions, future policies and resource utilization – all in line with your goals.

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