Software Development

We build specific, customized applications.
We outsource nothing.

What if you aren’t sure what you want?

The outcome will be successful if it solves a problem for people. It is the single most important thing to understand. Thus the first step in building something new is to understand what problem you want to solve and for whom. This must be crystal clear before we start thinking about any solutions. Then we –

  • Offer opinions & options on what to build
  • Develop low-risk proof-of-concept solutions
  • Get all the stakeholders on the same page
  • Validate the requirements early in the software development life cycle
How can you feel comfortable that we will address all your needs?
  • Stay focused on what matters – solving your problem
  • Conduct detailed analysis
  • Validate the design & suitability of the solution
  • Document & address flaws or vulnerabilities

Elevate’s Capabilities and Expertise

  • Technical understanding of latest technologies
  • Resource the project correctly every time
  • Attention to detail in project artifacts
  • Software development project management (Agile & Waterfall, your SDLC process)
  • Constant focus on the problem you need solved

How do you know we will execute?

  • Experienced, relevant project manager & team
  • Predictable costs & timelines
  • High-quality software development methodology
  • Iterative collaboration with you
  • Agile software development lifecycle that incorporates your methodology as needed
  • Careful execution without losing momentum & speed
  • Build strong relationships with your leadership, technical teams & stakeholders
  • Build strong relationships with outer project groups
  • All development adheres to your policies and procedures


We deliver

  • Short ramp-up
  • Improved performance & stability from the software
  • Better maintenance of code base
  • Faster application development that integrates with your software development lifecycle model
  • Stakeholder engagement that facilitates project execution
  • Faster project execution with all stakeholder input & approvals
  • Strict adherence to your policies & procedures


Customer Success